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Add a server configuration to receive notifications if an integration experiences an incident fetch error.

The administrator and Cortex XSOAR users on the recipient’s list receive a notification when an integration experiences an incident fetch error. Administrators with multiple instances of mail sender can choose to receive one email notification instead of multiple email notifications. Cortex XSOAR users can select their notification method, such as email, from their user preferences.


The connectivity behavior that exists between third party applications may trigger a fetch failure, which will send a notification to an administrator and users. The notification may no longer be relevant because the fetch might operate correctly just after the notification was sent.

Before you begin

In the integration instance, ensure that you select the Fetch Incidents check box.

  1. Select Settings & InfoSettingsSystemServer Settings+ Add Server Configuration.

  2. Add the following keys and values:



    List of names in CSV format, for example user1,user2,user3.

  3. (Optional) Administrators that have multiple instances of a mail sender configured that want to receive only one email notification should select the Do not use by default option in the integration instances that should not be used to send emails.