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Switch between different tenants using the Tenant Navigator in Cortex XSOAR.

In Cortex XSOAR if you have more than one CSP account, you can view and pivot to all the tenants that you have access to, by clicking Tenant Navigator. In the Tenant Navigator, you can do the following:


If you do not have more than one account, the Tenant Navigator is unavailable.

  • View existing tenants

    The currently chosen tenant is marked by a green Active Session label. The tenants are grouped according to CSP accounts.

  • Pivot to an existing tenant

    The current tenant is marked by a green Active Session label.

  • Search for a tenant

    If there are more than 5 tenants, a search option is available. If there are more than 5 tenants within a specific account, a list of tenants is available for that CSP account.

  • Pivot to the Cortex Gateway

  • Pivot to the Customer Support Portal