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Resubmit an existing content pack with new changes from the Cortex XSOAR UI.

If you have already submitted a content contribution, and you need to make changes to the submission, you can do so by resubmitting the content pack from Cortex XSOAR. The resubmission process is similar to the initial submission, but you are updating an existing pull request instead of creating a new one.


You cannot update JavaScript integrations or scripts in an existing content pack using this method.

  1. Create or edit any content items that need to be included in your resubmission.

  2. Go to MarketplaceContributions, select your pack, and Edit the pack.

  3. Add or remove content items from the pack as needed.

  4. Save and Contribute.

  5. After you submit the content pack, you will receive an email with a link to a form you must complete.

    1. Select Update Existing Pack from the Select Contribution Mode menu.


      The contribution mode option only appears if content items that are part of your contribution are detected as originating from existing sources. For example, if you created a new automation in the UI by clicking Duplicate Automation.

    2. Select the pack you want to update from the Select Existing Pack menu.

    3. Log in to your GitHub account to participate in the review process of the pull request that is automatically opened for the content pack.

    4. Sign the Palo Alto Networks Contributor License Agreement.

    5. Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION, select Update Type.




      When you make backwards compatible bug fixes.


      When you add functionality in a backwards compatible manner.


      A major revisions contains one or more of the following:

      A major revision contains one or more of the following:

      • Incompatible API changes

      • New features

      • Changes to existing features that could break backward compatibility


      When only documentation files are updated.


      Changing the pack name or the email address of the contributor at this stage will result in creating a new pull request on GitHub, rather than updating an existing pull request.

      In the form, you can include notes describing the update, or provide an updated demo video link which will be displayed in a comment on the pull request after the changes are successfully pushed to GitHub.

    6. After the changes are pushed to your branch, you will receive an email notification.

In addition to the resubmission process described above, there are other ways to modify your existing content pack. You can modify the files directly in the GitHub pull request, or close the pull request and create a new contribution that includes your changes. We do not recommend closing the pull request and creating a new request.