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Create a custom script based widget in using a Script. Use custom widgets in dashboards and reports.

You can use custom script based widgets with a script to create dynamic widgets for more complex calculations. For examples of creating widgets using scripts, see Script Based Widgets Using Automation Scripts Examples.


Cortex XSOAR supports JavaScript, Python and PowerShell.

You need to create or upload the script to the Scripts page and then you can create a widget in the Widgets Library. In the Widgets Library, you can define the arguments and change the visuals.


If you upload a script to the Scripts page, the Arguments field is automatically updated. You can then define the arguments in the Widget Builder. If you create a new script (without uploading) in the Scripts page, you need to add the arguments manually for them to appear in the Widgets Library when creating or editing a widget.

  1. In the Scrripts page, upload or create a new script.

    Create the following widgets using scripts:

    • Text

    • Number

    • Duration

    • Trend

    • Chart

    • Table or list

    • Filter Data for all Widgets (Pivoting)

    For examples how to create these widgets, see Script Based Widgets Using Automation Scripts Examples.

  2. For dashboards and reports, create a widget in the Widgets Library, as described in Create a Widget Using the Widget Builder.

  3. Select the Scripts data type and then add the script.

    (Upload script only) If you have added arguments, these appear when creating a widget. If you have not uploaded the script, you need to add the arguments manually in the Scripts page.

  4. Add the script based widget to one of the following: